We exist to serve our schools and community by presenting factual consequences associated with risky behaviors. We serve to empower youth and young adults with information that will enable them to make healthy choices for their lives.


Our program has been serving the schools and community since 2002. Since then, we have shared the message of optimal health with more than 140,000 teens.


Empowered educators are all certified and use a curriculum that meets the National Standards. Our team presents factual information associated with risky behaviors with an emphasis on Positive Youth Development. 


A  community where youth and young adults are educated and empowered to make healthy choices regarding their sexual integrity.



Our High School Curriculum, Love Notes is on the HHS Office of Adolescent Health’s (OAH) list of Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs. In a federally funded, 5-year random control trial conducted by researchers at the University of Louisville, those participating in Love Notes were 46% less likely to have a pregnancy as compared to those in the control group.


Our Middle School Curriculum, Relationship Smarts PLUS helps teens make healthy relationship and dating decisions for themselves by focusing on their futures. It is a lively, media-infused and activity-based comprehensive healthy relationship skills program for young teens.